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Gustaf and Monique met in New York City in 2009 while they were both starting their careers in fashion and hospitality, respectively. The couple moved to Miami in 2012, where Gustaf opened a boutique shipping firm specializing in fine art and home design products from around the globe. After many late nights brainstorming and collaborating on the design for their own home, Gustaf and Monique knew they wanted to make interior design their new career together.

After opening their home to family and friends and sharing images of their remodel through Pinterest and Instagram, the couple's designs quickly gained a following. Gustaf soon sold his shipping company, and Calimia was born. Cali refers to Monique's Los Angeles roots, while Mia represents the city where the business began.

Monique acts as lead designer for the company, and Gustaf runs all operations and project management. Calimia Home is currently based in Miami, with a brick & mortar lifestyle boutique coming soon.